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SyvumClickTM for Internet Explorer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How does SyvumClickTM work?
    Once you have installed and activated SyvumClickTM, you can select (mark/highlight) any word in any page you are viewing in your Internet Explorer to immediately look it up on an online resource such as a dictionary, thesaurus, search engine or translation service. On Windows, you can double-click any word to mark it. You can also select multiple word text strings for lookup. To perform lookups on multiple word selections, press Control-J after you select the lookup text. This feature is extremely useful for looking up meanings of words, or to translate complete sentences from one language to another.

  2. Where can I download SyvumClickTM?

  3. How do I activate SyvumClickTM?
    After you have installed SyvumClickTM, you need to close your Internet Explorer (close all open windows of Internet Explorer), and restart it. Once Internet Explorer is running again, you can double-click on any word in any page that you open in it. This will perform a lookup and take you to the results page.

  4. How can I edit my SyvumClickTM options?
    Click on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, and then click on the "SyvumClick Options" menu item. By editing your options, you can set preferences for whether SyvumClickTM lookups happen automatically upon selection, whether results are displayed in the same window or a new one, etc.

  5. What are "Automatic" and "Manual" lookup options?
    For both single and multiple word selections, you can choose from automatic lookup or manual lookup. When you have set the option to automatic lookup, SyvumClickTM performs the lookup as soon as you finish selecting the text in Internet Explorer. When you have set the option to manual lookup, you simply need to press Ctrl-J to perform the lookup. These settings can be changed by editing your SyvumClickTM options.

  6. What are the options for displaying the results?
    When you perform a lookup, SyvumClickTM can display the results in the same window as your current document, in a new window identical to your current window, or a special SyvumClickTM window. You can change this setting by editing your SyvumClickTM options.

  7. What are "Lookup Resources"?
    SyvumClickTM has the ability to perform lookups in a number of resources available on the internet such as dictionaries, thesauruses, translation services, search engines, etc. You can choose your default lookup resources. The default resources for single word selections and multiple word selections can be different from each other. You can also set the source and target languages for the translation services.

    To change your default lookup resources, you can either click on the "Change Lookup Resources" button while editing your SyvumClickTM options, or you can click on the "Edit SyvumClickTM Preferences" link in the SyvumClickTM results window.

  8. Does SyvumClickTM work with Netscape's browsers?
    At this time, SyvumClickTM is only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer. SyvumClickTM for Netscape may become available in the future.

  9. How do I uninstall SyvumClickTM?
    Click on the "Uninstall SyvumClick" icon in Program Files/Syvum folder in your Start Menu.

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