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Syvum Membership Benefits

Syvum provides memberships for students, teachers and parents on its web site. You can avail the one month free trial for the premier membership, which itself costs about three dollars per month (less than 11 cents a day). Majority of the content on Syvum aids in education and learning. Syvum believes that education is everyone's right, and therefore, most of the material on this site is always accessible for free. The Premier Membership offers a way for people to contribute to our mission. In return, we do offer them certain benefits that are cost intensive for us. If you are a teacher, also read about Syvum's total solution for teachers.

Premier Membership

Syvum Premier Membership costs about three dollars a month (less than 11 cents a day). Becoming a Premier Member you will receive the following unique benefits:

Purchase Premier Membership:

12 Months ($ 39.99 Only)     6 Months ($ 29.99 Only)

3 Months ($ 19.99 Only)     1 Month ($ 9.99 Only)

Group Memberships (Teachers + Students)


Please note that some of the features may require parental consent for members age 13 or less, in compliance with government regulation.

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