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Syvum Mobile: For your Cell Phone and Hand Held.

Syvum is pleased to announce the launch of the mobile version of this web site, to allow access through devices such as cellular telephones and PDAs. The mobile version of Syvum can be accessed simply by entering the URL as on your mobile device.

The technology required to access the mobile version of Syvum is based on WAP 2.0, which has been the industry standard since 2001. If your cell phone was purchased in 2001 or later, chances are that you will be able to access our mobile web site with ease. To find out, you may activate the browser on your cell phone, and visit

Costs: The mobile version of Syvum is free to access, but you may want to check with your wireless service provider to find out if they charge you for wireless internet access on your mobile device.

Pocket PCs and Handhelds: Many advanced handheld devices allow full HTML browsing, in which case, our standard pages are served. If you'd like to take advantage of the mobile pages specially formatted to fit small screens, you may switch your browser to WAP-only browsing.

Topics Available: GRE Test Preparation, language learning (Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese), fun trivia (music and movies) are the first few topics to be made available on Syvum Mobile. More topics are being added.

Your Feedback: Your feedback is invited to help us improve our mobile offering. Since mobile devices vary greatly in functionality, screen size, browser software, etc., your input will allow us to make our mobile pages display and function properly on a large number of devices. Please use our contact information to send your comments.

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