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English Proverbs for Kids from Syvum

What are Proverbs?

Proverbs are wise sayings. They usually:

Are popular and memorable;
e.g., All's well that ends well.
Are short and to the point;
e.g., Practice makes perfect.
Provide wise advice;
e.g., Slow but sure wins the race.
Contain simple truths from experience over the years.
e.g., Honesty is the best policy.
Most proverbs exhibit simple rhyme and elegant balance.

Are Proverbs different from Idioms?

Idioms, like Proverbs, are common sayings. However, they usually do not make sense at first sight and do not offer any advice. For example, to blow one's own trumpet, which means to praise oneself or boast, is an idiom. It may be converted to a proverbial expression as follows: It is but a fool who blows his own trumpet or Don't blow your own trumpet. There is no clear dividing line between idiomatic phrases and proverbial expressions. If and when an idiomatic phrase becomes widely popular, it may be regarded a proverb, e.g., Don't put the cart before the horse.

How can you master Proverbs?

You can master Proverbs by attempting the associated activity for Kids in the Syvum Family Fun Zone. You will be required to fill in the missing word to complete the proverb. On clicking the "Score" button, your answers will be evaluated. You can try answering another time those questions you got incorrect. At any time, you can click the "Score and Show Answer(s)" button to evaluate your answers and view the correct answers.

There are over 400 proverbs in the Kids Proverbs Activities below.

To allow you to learn the Proverbs in a systematic manner, the Proverbs are categorized based on their starting letter (ignoring The, An and A) as given below.

Examples Answers
View more A-B Proverbs All work and no _______ makes Jack a dull boy. play
Birds of a _______ flock together. feather
View more C-D Proverbs Cut your _______ according to your cloth. coat
Don't put all your eggs in one _______. basket
View more E-F Proverbs The _______ bird catches the worm. early
A _______ in need is a friend indeed. friend
View more G-H Proverbs Great _______ from little acorns grow. oaks
Health is _______. wealth
View more I-K Proverbs It is better to _______ than to take. give
A Jack of all _______ is master of none. trades
View more L-M Proverbs Look before you _______. leap
Make _______ while the sun shines. hay
View more N-O Proverbs Necessity is the _______ of invention. mother
One good turn _______ another. deserves
View more P-S Proverbs The proof of the _______ is in the eating. pudding
A rolling _______ gathers no moss. stone
View more T-V Proverbs A thing of _______ is a joy forever. beauty
Variety is the _______ of life. spice
View more W-Z Proverbs Waste not, _______ not. want
You cannot have the _______ and eat it too. cake

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