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Proverbs Index: College Students

Scholarship for College Students through English Proverbs

How are Proverbs to be interpreted?

Proverbs contain popular wisdom acquired by mankind over the ages. Proverbs are to be interpreted primarily in two ways: literally and metaphorically.

Many Proverbs contain a universal truth and are to be interpreted literally. Consider the following examples:

  • The greatest talkers are the least doers
  • Out of debt, out of danger

Other Proverbs apply to a variety of situations and are to be interpreted in a broad metaphorical sense (and not just literally). Consider the examples that follow:

  • Between two stools you fall to the ground
  • Who repairs not his gutters repairs his whole house

What is the role of Proverbs in learning and education?

Proverbs are conspicuous in cursive copywriting books. Children in their early years of learning use proverbs to not only improve their handwriting but also develop their intellect. In addition, they form a vital component of English language courses.

More importantly, understanding the meaning of Proverbs provides the real challenge for students at all levels.

Many proverbs convey essentially the same or similar meaning when they are interpreted in the metaphorical sense. It is engaging to figure out the subtle differences in meaning. Consider the following:

  • Make hay while the sun shines
  • A mill cannot grind with the water that is past
  • Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today
  • One of these days is none of these days
  • Opportunity seldom knocks twice
  • Procrastination is the thief of time
  • Strike while the iron is hot
  • Take time by the forelock
  • There is no time like the present
  • Tomorrow never comes
  • What may be done at any time is done at no time

Some proverbs offer contradictory pieces of advice. It is valuable to figure out the truth in these situations. Consider the following:

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • Out of sight, out of mind

Proverbs educate at all times and offer learning for all ages. Proverbs determine actions and emotions. Proverbs are expressions of hope, fatalism, cynicism and consolation. Study the following:

  • The darkest hour is that before the dawn
  • Man proposes, God disposes
  • Many would be cowards if they had courage enough
  • Marry in haste, repent in leisure
  • Spare the rod and spoil the child
  • What can't be cured must be endured
Interpreting and understanding the entire gamut of Proverbs allows an individual to formulate a philosophy of life. As you discover new Proverbs in the Syvum Family Fun Zone, you are sure to experience a sense of enlightment and a feeling of refreshment.

How does one gain mastery over Proverbs?

You can gain mastery over Proverbs by attempting the associated activity for College Students in the Syvum Family Fun Zone. You will be required to fill in the missing word to complete the proverb. On clicking the "Score" button, your answers will be evaluated. You can try answering another time those questions you got incorrect. Clicking the "Score and Show Answer(s)" button anytime will allow you to evaluate your answers and, at the same time, view the correct answers.

There are over 400 proverbs for College Students in the Proverbs Activity in the Syvum Family Fun Zone.

To allow you to learn them in a systematic manner, the Proverbs are classified into ten categories based on their starting letter (ignoring The, An and A) as given below.

Proverbs Category Examples Answers
A-B _______ when most needed is least heeded. Advice
Better to ask the way than go _______. astray
C-D A contented mind is a perpetual _______. feast
Discontent is the first step in _______. progress
E-F _______ is better than precept. Example
_______ on the sands of time are not made by sitting down. Footprints
G-H A good _______ makes a good wife. husband
He that would the _______ win, must with the mother first begin. daughter
I-K Idle folk have the least _______. leisure
Know your own faults before _______ others for theirs. blaming
L-M Love your neighbor, yet put not down your _______. fence
Many _______ the hand they wish to cut off. kiss
N-O Nothing _______, nothing have. venture
An ounce of _______ is worth a pound of wit. discretion
P-S Prosperity makes _______, adversity tries them. friends
Self-praise is no _______. recommendation
T-V Through _______ learn to command. obedience
Virtue is its own _______. reward
W-Z What _______ little is little esteemed. costs
You cannot run with the _______ and hunt with the hounds. hare

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