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Milestones in DNA history

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The first organism ever to be cloned from adult cells was :

  Northern Leopard frogs

  A cow

  Dolly, the sheep


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The scientist who created the first recombinant DNA molecules :

  Ian Wilmut

  Paul Berg

  Howard Temin

  James Shapiero

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The scientist(s) who developed a technique to sequence DNA and later won a Nobel prize for their achievement in 1980 is(are) :

  Walter Gilbert and Frederick Sanger

  Clara Bloomfield

  Arnold Levine and Gerald Edelman

  Harold Varmus and Rodney Porter

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The scientist who first showed that genetic material is a heat stable chemical is :

  Erwin Chargaff

  Friedrich Miescher

  Oswald Avery

  Franklin Griffith

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Robert Holley, Har Gobind Khorana, and Marshall Nirenberg shared the Nobel prize for medicine in 1968 for their contribution to DNA reasearch, which was :

  the discovery of the presence of DNA which could not be expressed.

  the discovery of the lac(tose) operon.

  the elucidation of protein synthesis.

  the discovery of the structure of DNA.

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Proof of the model of DNA replication suggested by Watson and Crick came from the experiments of :

  Sidney Brenner and Francis Crick

  Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer

  George Beadle and Edward Tatum

  M. S. Meselson and F. W. Stahl

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The scientist who identified the transforming agent in Griffith's famous experiment (1928) as DNA was :

  Oswald Avery

  Friedrich Miescher

  Erwin Chargaff

  Peter Mitchell

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