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Physics Quiz : Density

Answer the following questions based on density.

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Which of the following statements is true?

  Sea water is less dense than fresh water.

  Sea water has the same density as fresh water.

  Sea water is more dense than fresh water.

  Sea water may be more dense or less dense than fresh water.

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A metal body of mass 58.2 g occupies a volume of 3 cm3. Identify the metal.

  Tungsten with density = 19.4 g/cm3

  Iron with density = 7.9 g/cm3

  Lead with density = 11.4 g/cm3

  Aluminum with density = 2.7 g/cm3

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The density of oxygen at room temperature is about 1.3 kg/m3. Therefore, its density in g/cm3 is





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One kg of air is compressed from 1 m3 to 0.5 m3. Which of the following statements is true?

  The mass is doubled.

  The density is halved.

  The mass is halved.

  The density is doubled.

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An object floats in liquid L1, but it sinks to the bottom in liquid L2. Which statement of the following is true?

  Liquids L1 and L2 have the same density.

  Liquid L1 has a lower density than liquid L2.

  Liquid L1 has a higher density than liquid L2.

  No definite conclusion can be made about the liquid densities.

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Density is defined as

  volume / mass

  mass / volume

  mass × volume

  mass × acceleration

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The fraction of an iceberg submerged below the water surface is

  1 / 5

  9 / 10

  1 / 10

  4 / 5

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