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School Physics Quiz : Work & Energy

Answer the following questions based on work & energy.

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Efficiency of a machine equals

  Work Output / (Work Input + Work Output) × 100 %

  Work Output / Work Input × 100 %

  Work Input / Work Output × 100 %

  Work Input / (Work Input + Work Output) × 100 %

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A boy throws a ball vertically upwards from ground level. If the ball reaches a maximum height of 90 m and the gravitational acceleration is 9.8 m/s2, with what speed did the boy throw the ball?

  21 m/s

  30 m/s

  6 m/s

  42 m/s

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A machine that produces 136 J of work by using 160 J of energy has an efficiency of

  85 %

  24 J

  17 J

  15 %

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A pebble is dropped from the top of a cliff 60 m in height. The kinetic energy of the pebble equals twice its potential energy at a distance of _______ above sea level.

  30 m

  15 m

  45 m

  20 m

  Half-n-half Clue


A mass of 80 kg is moved vertically upwards through a distance of 9 m. If the gravitational acceleration is 9.8 m s-2, then the work done against gravity is

  784 J

  720 J

  7056 J

  88.2 J

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By definition, work is done when a _______ moves through a distance.




  Half-n-half Clue


If there is no friction, the efficiency of a machine can be greater than 100 %.




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