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ISC 2009 Question Paper


Paper - 2 


(Reading Time : 15 minutes)

(Planning Session AND Examination Session: Three hours)

The total time to be spent on the Planning Session and the Examination Session is Three hours.

After completing the Planning Session, the candidates may begin with the Examination Session.

A maximum of 90 minutes is permitted for the Planning Session.

However, if candidates finish earlier, they are to be permitted to begin the Examination Session.

(Maximum Marks : 80)


As it is a practical examination, the candidate is expected to do the following:

(a) Write an algorithm for the selected problem.

(b) Write a program in C++ or Java. Document your program by using mnemonic names and comments.

(c) Test run the program on the computer using the given test data and get a print out (hard copy) in the format specified in the problem along with the program listing.

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Review

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