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1. In which year was the movie 'Home Alone' released?
• 1988
• 1990
• 1991
• 1992
Answer: 1990

The movie 'Home Alone' was released in the year 1990.

2. Who plays the character of Kevin McCallister in the movie 'Home Alone'?
• Jerry Mathers
• Jackie Coogan
• Peter Ostrum
• Macaulay Culkin
Answer: Macaulay Culkin

The character of Kevin McCallister in the movie 'Home Alone' is played by Macaulay Culkin.

3. Who is the producer and writer of the film 'Home Alone'?
• Chris Columbus
• John Hughes
• James Cameron
• Steven Spielberg
Answer: John Hughes

John Hughes is the producer and writer of the film 'Home Alone'.

4. Where does Kevin live?
• Springfield
• Dallas
• Los Angeles
• Chicago
Answer: Chicago

Kevin McCallister lives in Chicago.

5. How old is Kevin in the movie 'Home Alone'?
• six years
• seven years
• nine years
• eight years
Answer: eight years

Kevin is eight years old in the movie 'Home Alone'.

6. How many members are there in Kevin's family?
• 13
• 14
• 15
• 17
Answer: 15

Kevin lives with 14 other family members.

7. What time is the family leaving the house in the morning?
• 7:00 am
• 8:00 am
• 9:00 am
• 10:00 am
Answer: 8:00 am

Kevin's family is leaving at 8:00 am for a holiday according to uncle Frank.

8. Where did Kevin's family flew for the Christmas vacation?
• Paris
• Rome
• Moscow
• Berlin
Answer: Paris

Kevin's family took a flight for Paris, leaving Kevin all alone at home.

9. What are the names of the two buglars?
• Harry and Terry
• Harry and Marv
• Terry and Marv
• Oscar and Graham
Answer: Harry and Marv

The two buglars who enter Kevin's house are Harry and Marv.

10. What is Kevin's McCallister's older brother known as?
• Buzz
• Dude
• Kevin Sr.
• John
Answer: Buzz

Kevin's elder brother is known as Buzz.

11. What do the burglars call themselves?
• lazy bandits
• smart bandits
• dry bandits
• wet bandits
Answer: wet bandits

The burglars called themselves the wet bandits. Marv has the habit of leaving the taps open of the houses which they have robbed.

12. Which item does the shopkeeper think Kevin is shoplifting?
• toothpaste
• toycar
• soap
• toothbrush
Answer: toothbrush

The shopkeeper thinks that Kevin is shoplifting a toothbrush.

13. What letter gets melted into Harry's hand from the hot door handle?
• M
• N
• O
• P
Answer: M

When Harry tries to open the door with the help of the hot doorknob, the letter M gets melted in his hand.

14. Who plays the clarinet in the truck?
• Benny Goodman
• Artie Shaw
• Eddie Daniels
• Gus Polinski
Answer: Gus Polinski

Kevin's mother gets a lift from a man called Gus Polinski, who is driving to Milwaukee with his polka band in a truck.

15. Which gold item does Harry have?
• a golden keychain
• a golden tooth
• a golden watch
• a golden bracelet
Answer: a golden tooth

Harry has a golden tooth which he loses in Kevin's house.

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