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Family Fun 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. Invitations were sent to 46 relatives for a family get-together. Only 42 relatives came. How many relatives did not come?
Answer: 4

2. Peter weighs 22 kg. His mother is 58 kg. How much more is his mother's weight (in kg)?
Answer: 36

3. Mr. Gates will be 43 next year. His son is 30 years younger than him. How many years old is his son at present?
Answer: 12

4. A family party has 37 adults, 13 boys, and 5 girls. How many more adults are there at the party than children?
Answer: 19

5. John is 12 years old. His aunt is 36. How many years older than him is his aunt?
Answer: 24

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