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Fun with AnimalsDivision Activity


Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. Pigeons are perched on the branch of a tree. Steve counts 42 feet on the branch. How many pigeons are there on the branch?
Answer: 21

2. A rich merchant had 36 camels. He gave them equally to his 3 sons. How many camels did each son get?
Answer: 12

3. There are 4 moths with a total of 8 green spots on their wings. If each moth has the same number of spots, how many spots on each moth?
Answer: 2

4. Gary sees some deer in a park. He counts 64 legs. How many deer are there in the park?
Answer: 16

5. A magician has 12 bunnies. He wants to place 2 bunnies in each cage. How many cages will he need?
Answer: 6

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