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Portuguese Translation Game

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Quiz : Translate the following phrase(s) from English
Quiz : Traduza as seguinte(s) frase(s) em português.

1. Does anyone here speak English?
Answer: Tem alguém que fale inglês?

2. Do you speak English?
Answer: Você fala inglês?

3. Could/can you speak more slowly?
Answer: Poderia falar mais devagar?

4. Could/can you repeat that?
Answer: Poderia repetir?

5. What was that?
Answer: O que disse?

6. I understand.
Answer: Entendo.

7. I don't understand.
Answer: Não entendo.

8. Do you understand?
Answer: Entende?

9. Could/can you spell it?
Answer: Como se escreve?

10. Can you translate this for me?
Answer: Poderia traduzir para mim?

11. What does this mean?
Answer: O que isto significa?

12. Please write it down.
Answer: Escreva, por favor.

13. Please point to the phrase in the book.
Answer: Por favor, mostre-me a frase no livro.

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