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Spanish Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traducir las siguiente(s) palabra(s) a español.

1. birds
Answer: pájaros

2. butterfly
Answer: mariposa

3. fence
Answer: cerca

4. flowerbed
Answer: arriate

5. fountain
Answer: fuente

6. garden furniture
Answer: muebles de jardín

7. greenhouse, hothouse
Answer: invernadero

8. grill
Answer: parrilla

9. hammock
Answer: hamaca

10. hedge
Answer: seto

11. insects
Answer: insectos

12. pathway
Answer: camino

13. pond
Answer: estanque

14. shed
Answer: cobertizo

15. sprinkler
Answer: aspersor, regadera

16. steps, stairs
Answer: escalera

17. sunshade
Answer: sombrilla

18. swimming pool
Answer: piscina

19. worms
Answer: gusanos

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