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Spanish Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traducir las siguiente(s) palabra(s) a español.

1. zero
Answer: cero

2. one
Answer: uno

3. two
Answer: dos

4. three
Answer: tres

5. four
Answer: cuatro

6. five
Answer: cinco

7. six
Answer: seis

8. seven
Answer: siete

9. eight
Answer: ocho

10. nine
Answer: nueve

11. ten
Answer: diez

12. eleven
Answer: once

13. twelve
Answer: doce

14. thirteen
Answer: trece

15. fourteen
Answer: catorce

16. fifteen
Answer: quince

17. sixteen
Answer: dieciséis

18. seventeen
Answer: diecisiete

19. eighteen
Answer: dieciocho

20. nineteen
Answer: diecinueve

21. twenty
Answer: veinte

22. thirty
Answer: treinta

23. forty
Answer: cuarenta

24. fifty
Answer: cincuenta

25. sixty
Answer: sesenta

26. seventy
Answer: setenta

27. eighty
Answer: ochenta

28. ninety
Answer: noventa

29. hundred
Answer: cien

30. thousand
Answer: mil

31. million
Answer: millón


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