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Living Environment - New York Regents June 1999 Exam

Base your answers to questions 71 through 73 on the information and data tables below and on your knowledge of biology. Use one or more complete sentences to answer each question.

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Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause the class of birth defect known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Scientists do not yet understand the process by which alcohol causes damage to the fetus. There is evidence, however, that the more a pregnant woman drinks, the greater the chances that the child will be affected and the birth defects will be serious. Some evidence indicates that even low levels of alcohol consumption can cause intellectual and behavioral problems.


Do the data in the tables justify scientists conclusions that alcohol causes physical abnormalities at birth by interfering with the normal development of the Fetus? Defend your position with supporting data. [1]


What additional data would be needed to better support the scientists’ conclusions? [1]


Explain why alcohol consumption by the mother is especially harmful during the early stages of pregnancy. [1]
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