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Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review
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There are 2 cakes. Each cake is cut into 10 parts. Each part is further cut into 2 pieces. How many cake pieces are there in all?


The Professors at the State University drank 60 cups of tea yesterday. They drank 33 cups in the morning and 19 in the afternoon. How many did they drink in the evening?


  Graham   borrowed 9 books from the school library. He returned 2 books yesterday and 2 books today. How many books does he still have?


For her new kitchen, Mrs. Diane bought a crockery set, a cutlery set and a pressure cooker. Each item cost $ 25 . How many dollars did she spend?


There are 3 paintings on each of three walls of a room. If an art gallery has 7 such rooms, how many paintings are there in its collection?

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