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Biology : Plant & Animal Cells II (Parts & Structures)

Answer each question below related to parts of plant and animal cells & their structures based on the clues given.

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It has numerous pores, making it semi-permeable. It is the covering of the nucleus of the cell.
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It is a green-colored plastid. It contains a pigment called chlorophyll.


It has a vesicular structure. It is formed when the substances produced in the endoplasmic reticulum are further processed in the golgi apparatus.
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It is a membranous sac budded off from the golgi apparatus. It contains several types of enzymes.
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It has a double-walled structure. Its inner wall is produced into folds known as cristae. It is generally sausage-shaped.
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It consists of an irregular network of double-walled tubular membrane. It does not have ribosomes attached to it.
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It is round in shape. It is contained in the nucleus of the cell.
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