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History : Famous Leaders III - Who am I ?

Choose the leader based on the clue(s) given.
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I was born in Illinois, United States of America. I was the 40th President. Before becoming the President, I was the Governor of California. Who am I?     1Charles de Gaulle
I was the first President of the Fifth French Republic. I launched several policies to improve the French economy after the war. I also demanded the formulation of a new Constitution. Who am I?     2Mikhail Gorbachev
I was born in Russia. I was the President of Soviet Union. I was succeeded by Boris Yelstin. Who am I?     3Yasser Arafat
I was born in Texas, United States of America. I was the thirty-fourth President as well as a General of the United States Army. I died in Washington D.C. Who am I?     4Ronald Reagan
I was the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). PLO gave up terrorism and signed a peace agreement (Oslo Peace Accord) with Israel. I won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for my efforts. Who am I?     5Dwight D. Eisenhower

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