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Internet Quiz Quiz on Computers

Given the QUESTION, identify the ANSWER

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A computer on the Internet that hosts data, that can be accessed by web browsers using HTTP is known as:

  Web Computer

  Web Rack

  Web Space

  Web Server

  Half-n-half Clue


Internet Explorer is a

  News Reader

  Graphing Package

  Web Browser

  Any person browsing the net

  Half-n-half Clue


A domain name ending with "org" is

  A network site

  A commercial website

  An organization

  A site which has very high traffic

  Half-n-half Clue


Linux is

  An non profit organization

  A Web Browser

  A Web Server

  An Operating System

  Half-n-half Clue


Microsoft Windows is

  A Spreadsheet Package

  A Web Server

  An Operating System

  A Web Browser

  Half-n-half Clue


AOL stands for

  Arranged Outer Line

  America Online

  Audio Over LAN

  America Over LAN

  Half-n-half Clue


At which of the following sites would you most probably buy books?

  Half-n-half Clue

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