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Internet Quiz Quiz on Computers

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Given the QUESTION, identify the ANSWER

1. HTML is used to
• Plot complicated graphs
• Solve equations
• Author webpages
• Translate one language into another
Answer: Author webpages
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used for authoring web pages. The extension of most of the webpages you visit will usually be html.

2. The "http" you type at the beginning of any site's address stands for
• Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
• HTML Transfer Technology Process
• Hyperspace Techniques and Technology Progress
• Hyperspace Terms and Technology Protocol
Answer: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Protocol is a set of rules and conventions describing how data can be transferred between two devices.

3. "www" stands for
• World Wide Wait
• World Wide War
• World Wide Wares
• World Wide Web
Answer: World Wide Web
The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is an organization that drafts the technical specifications for www.

4. ISP stands for
• Integrated Service Provider
• Internet Service Provider
• Internet Security Protocol
• Internet Survey Period
Answer: Internet Service Provider
You connect to the Internet using an ISP. AOL is an example of an ISP.

5. Google ( is a
• Number in Math
• Chat service on the web
• Search Engine
• Directory of images
Answer: Search Engine
Google is presently one of the biggest search engines on the net. A search engine provides for a way to look up information on the web. Other search engines on the web are Altavista, Northern Light, Hotbot etc.

6. Internet Explorer is a
• Web Browser
• News Reader
• Graphing Package
• Any person browsing the net
Answer: Web Browser
Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape are the two most common web browsers. Web Browser is a program that you use to surf the internet.

7. Modem stands for
• Memory Demagnetization
• Monetary Devaluation Exchange Mechanism
• Modulator Demodulater
• Monetary Demarkation
Answer: Modulator Demodulater
Modem is a hardware device which is used to dial up to your ISP and get you connected to the Internet.

8. On which of the following sites can you set up your email account:
Hotmail was the world's first FREE email site. Presently it is owned by Microsoft.

9. The speed of your net access is defined in terms of
• MHz
• Megabytes
• Kbps
Answer: Kbps
Kbps stands for Kilobits per second. It basically defines the kilobits of data that you are receiving per second.

10. AOL stands for
• America Online
• America Over LAN
• Arranged Outer Line
• Audio Over LAN
Answer: America Online
America Online is one the biggest Internet Service Providers.

11. Which of the following is not a method of accessing the web?
• Modem
Answer: CPU
CPU is a part of the computer. It stands for Central Processing Unit. All the others can be used to access the net.

12. Yahoo ( is a
• Super Computer
• Organization that allocates web addresses
• Portal
• Website for Consumers
Answer: Portal
Yahoo is one of the largest portals in the world. A portal is a website intended to be a starting point for exploring and searching the WWW.

13. What is the name given to the temporary storage area that a web browser uses to store pages and graphics that it has recently opened?
• Niche
• Cellar
• Webspace
• Cache
Answer: Cache
Images are often stored in a cache, so the next time you request for that image it is obtained locally rather than from the website.

14. A computer on the Internet that hosts data, that can be accessed by web browsers using HTTP is known as:
• Web Rack
• Web Space
• Web Server
• Web Computer
Answer: Web Server
These days the software that enables users to access the website is also known as a Web Server. For example Apache (for Unix and its variants) and IIS (for Windows) are two famous web servers.

15. Linux is
• A Web Browser
• A Web Server
• An non profit organization
• An Operating System
Answer: An Operating System
Linux is an operating system developed by Linus Torvalds and a group of dedicated programmers over the internet. Linux is available for free and is one of the best Operating Systems around.

16. Microsoft Windows is
• A Web Browser
• A Web Server
• A Spreadsheet Package
• An Operating System
Answer: An Operating System

17. A domain name ending with "org" is
• A commercial website
• A network site
• An organization
• A site which has very high traffic
Answer: An organization
The domain name in some ways specifies what a site is. For example, organizations use the .org domain name, commercial sites use .com, military uses .mil, government uses .gov and so on.

18. At which of the following sites would you most probably buy books?
Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world selling books, CDs, videos and more.

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