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Structure and chemical composition of DNA

This quiz is based on the physical structure and chemical composition of DNA. It deals with basic concepts related to DNA chemistry and DNA methods.

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The difference between DNA and RNA is :

  The RNA sugar phosphate backbone contains ribose rather than deoxyribose.

  DNA molecules are double stranded while RNA molecules are single stranded for the most part.

  Thymine in DNA is replaced by Uracil in RNA.

  All of the above.

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How does the sequence of a strand of DNA correspond to the amino acid sequence of a protein ? This concept is explained by the central dogma of molecular biology which states that :

  DNA is replicated and sections of the replica are used to make protein.

  DNA is used to make RNA which is used to make protein.

  protein is manufactured directly from DNA without any intermediate.

  None of the above.

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A nucleoside consists of :

  a phosphate group, a pentose sugar and a nitrogeneous heterocyclic base.

  a pentose sugar and a nitrogeneous heterocyclic base.

  a hexose sugar and a nitrogeneous heterocyclic base.

  a pentose sugar and a oxygen base.

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A significant difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes is :

  Prokaryotes do not have ribosomes while eukaryotes do.

  Prokaryotes do not have DNA as their genetic material while eukaryotes do.

  Prokaryote cells are not membrane-bound while eukaryote cells are.

  The DNA of prokaryotes floats freely around the cell while the DNA of eukaryotes is held within its nucleus.

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The three pyrimidine bases in DNA are :

  Cytosine,Thymine and Uracil

  Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine

  Adenine, Uracil and Guanine

  Adenine, Thymine and Guanine

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In the DNA Double Helix, complementary base pairs are held together by :

  N-glycosidic bonds

  peptide bonds

  ionic bonds

  hydrogen bonds

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The process of protein manufacture within ribosomes using mRNA is called :


  protein derivation


  None of the above

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