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Japanese Translation quiz 4a
Meals - Japanese - English

What is the English translation (equivalent) for each Japanese sentence below?

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Watashi no shumi wa ryōri desu.

  I don't like to cook anything.

  My hobby is cooking.

  My hobby is not cooking.

  I have a hobby..

  Half-n-half Clue


Hugo san, korede asuparagasu sūpu.

  Mr. Hugo, here's your salad.

  Mr. Hugo, here's your soup.

  Mr. Hugo, here's your asparagus soup.

  Mr. Hugo, here's your asparagus salad.

  Half-n-half Clue


Kodomo wa ringo ni nimono ga tabetai desu.

  My child does not like stewed vegetables.

  Please have some stewed apples.

  I baked an apple ring cake.

  My child likes to eat stewed apples.

  Half-n-half Clue


Kuruwassan ga arimasu ka?

  Do you have croissants?

  Would you like to have a croissant?

  You don't have croissants?

  You wish to bake croissants?

  Half-n-half Clue


Hai, kēki ga totemo oishī katta desu.

  Yes, the wine is very exotic.

  Yes, we like to have some food.

  Yes, the cake is very delicious.

  No, the food is not very good.

  Half-n-half Clue


Anata wa ī ryōrinin desu ne!

  You are not a good cook!

  You are a very good cook!

  You love to cook!

  You don't enjoy cooking!

  Half-n-half Clue


Kakui, dezāto o tabetai desu ne?

  Server,could you serve us some dessert, please?

  Ladies and gentlemen, wouldn't you like to have some dessert?

  Madam, wouldn't you like to have some dessert?

  Sir, wouldn't you like to have some dessert?

  Half-n-half Clue

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