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English Language SyvumBook 1: Capital letters I

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Type each sentence using capital letters where needed. 
Put a full stop or a question mark at the end of each sentence.

1. at what time shall i come
Answer: At what time shall I come?

2. my son's name is william jefferson smith.
Answer: My son's name is William Jefferson Smith.

3. do you think i should meet dennis
Answer: Do you think I should meet Dennis?

4. did you see my pet cat
Answer: Did you see my pet cat?

5. are you going to school
Answer: Are you going to school?

6. my friend meg has a pretty frock
Answer: My friend Meg has a pretty frock.

7. i saw walter riding a bicycle
Answer: I saw Walter riding a bicycle.

8. tiny is my brother's pet kitten
Answer: Tiny is my brother's pet kitten.

9. is irene jogging in the garden
Answer: Is Irene jogging in the garden?

10. tony takes his dog tim for a walk everyday
Answer: Tony takes his dog Tim for a walk everyday.

11. are patrick and paul good friends
Answer: Are Patrick and Paul good friends?

12. mary named her new cat furry
Answer: Mary named her new cat Furry.

13. is pamela shorter than lisa
Answer: Is Pamela shorter than Lisa?

14. henry is feeding his horse goldy
Answer: Henry is feeding his horse Goldy.

15. john and i are wearing big hats
Answer: John and I are wearing big hats.

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