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English Language SyvumBook 1: Capital letters I

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at what time shall i come At what time shall I come?
my son's name is william jefferson smith. My son's name is William Jefferson Smith.
do you think i should meet dennis Do you think I should meet Dennis?
did you see my pet cat Did you see my pet cat?
are you going to school Are you going to school?
my friend meg has a pretty frock My friend Meg has a pretty frock.
i saw walter riding a bicycle I saw Walter riding a bicycle.
tiny is my brother's pet kitten Tiny is my brother's pet kitten.
is irene jogging in the garden Is Irene jogging in the garden?
tony takes his dog tim for a walk everyday Tony takes his dog Tim for a walk everyday.
are patrick and paul good friends Are Patrick and Paul good friends?
mary named her new cat furry Mary named her new cat Furry.
is pamela shorter than lisa Is Pamela shorter than Lisa?
henry is feeding his horse goldy Henry is feeding his horse Goldy.
john and i are wearing big hats John and I are wearing big hats.

Try the Quiz : English Language SyvumBook 1 : Capital letters I

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