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Capital letters - II

Formats Info Page Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Type each sentence using capital letters where needed.
Put a full stop or a question mark at the end of each sentence.

1. there are many animals in the zoo
Answer: There are many animals in the zoo.

2. elephants are found in africa and india
Answer: Elephants are found in Africa and India.

3. how far is oakland from here
Answer: How far is Oakland from here?

4. who stays on forbes avenue
Answer: Who stays on Forbes Avenue?

5. the biggest city in illinois is chicago
Answer: The biggest city in Illinois is Chicago.

6. canberra is the capital of australia
Answer: Canberra is the capital of Australia.

7. will john be leaving for france tonight
Answer: Will John be leaving for France tonight?

8. my cousin lives in dawson street, pittsburgh
Answer: My cousin lives in Dawson Street, Pittsburgh.

9. venice is a city with many canals
Answer: Venice is a city with many canals.

10. florida has some good beaches
Answer: Florida has some good beaches.

11. has tim shifted from port street to squirrel hill
Answer: Has Tim shifted from Port Street to Squirrel Hill?

12. rome is an ancient city
Answer: Rome is an ancient city.

13. my brother was born in oslo
Answer: My brother was born in Oslo.

14. hazel had called me from cape town
Answer: Hazel had called me from Cape Town.

15. switzerland is a major tourist attraction
Answer: Switzerland is a major tourist attraction.

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