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Capital letters - II

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there are many animals in the zoo There are many animals in the zoo.
elephants are found in africa and india Elephants are found in Africa and India.
how far is oakland from here How far is Oakland from here?
who stays on forbes avenue Who stays on Forbes Avenue?
the biggest city in illinois is chicago The biggest city in Illinois is Chicago.
canberra is the capital of australia Canberra is the capital of Australia.
will john be leaving for france tonight Will John be leaving for France tonight?
my cousin lives in dawson street, pittsburgh My cousin lives in Dawson Street, Pittsburgh.
venice is a city with many canals Venice is a city with many canals.
florida has some good beaches Florida has some good beaches.
has tim shifted from port street to squirrel hill Has Tim shifted from Port Street to Squirrel Hill?
rome is an ancient city Rome is an ancient city.
my brother was born in oslo My brother was born in Oslo.
hazel had called me from cape town Hazel had called me from Cape Town.
switzerland is a major tourist attraction Switzerland is a major tourist attraction.

Try the Quiz : English Language SyvumBook 1 : Capital letters II

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