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MERINGUEMeringue is a mixture of stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar baked gently till crisp.
TRIFLETrifle is a pudding made by layering a sponge cake with syrup, fruits, nuts, cream and custard.
GATEAUGateau is French for a large rich cream cake.
SCONEScone is a small soft cake eaten with butter.
SHORTBREADShortbread, also known as shortcake, is a rich sweet biscuit made with butter.
PANCAKEPancake is a thin round spread of batter pan-fried on both sides.
BISCUITBiscuit is a small flat unleavened cake baked until crisp.
SWISS ROLLSwiss roll is a thin rectangular sponge cake sheet filled with jam and rolled up.
MACAROONMacaroon is a sweet biscuit made with almonds.
ECLAIREclair is an oval or finger-shaped cake with a cream filling.
STRUDELSrudel is a light flaky pastry with a sweet filling made of apples or any other fruit.
FONDUEFondue is a dish made of melted cheese.
FLANFlan is a open pastry shell baked with filling uncovered.

Try the Quiz : Cooking, Wine & Food Quizzes : Desserts Quiz 2

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