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Pasta Quiz 2

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Try the Quiz : Cooking, Wine & Food Quizzes : Pasta Quiz 2

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MANICOTTIManicotti are large cylindrical and hollow pasta tubes.
GNOCCHIGnocchi are dumpling-like pasta.
TORTELLINITortellini are twisted irregular-shaped pockets of pasta wherein the pockets are stuffed with filling when baking.
ORECCHIETTEOrecchiette are ear-shaped pasta.
ELICHEEliche are spiral-shaped pasta.
CAPELLINICapellini are thin strands of pasta that are coiled.
ROTELLERotelle are thin wheel-shaped pasta mostly used in soups and salads.
TAGLIARINITagliarini are thin ribbons of pasta.
LUMACONILumaconi are big shell-shaped pasta.
ANGEL HAIRAngel hair are very thin strands of pasta coiled.
BUCATINIBucatini are long medium-thick tubes of pasta.
SPAGHETTINISpaghettini are very thin rounds or sticks of pasta.

Try the Quiz : Cooking, Wine & Food Quizzes : Pasta Quiz 2

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