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Quiz on Summer Olympic Games - Weightlifting Olympics

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Who won the Gold medal in the two hand lift, weightlifting events in the 1896 Athens Olympics?Viggo Jensen
In the1920 Antwerp Olympics which country was ranked first in weightlifting events?France
What is the total number of Gold medals won by Turkey in the 2004 Seoul Olympics in weightlifting?3
How many weight classes were there in the1948 London Olympics?6
Who won the Gold medal for Light-heavyweight 75–82.5 kg weightlifting in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics?Boris Selitsky
How many total number of medals were clinched by Bulgaria in the1992 Barcelona Olympics?4
Which of the following nations conceded the 1'st rank in men's weightlifting in the 2004 Seoul Olympics?Greece
Who won the Gold medal for the men's 77 kg weightlifting event in the 2004 Seoul Olympics?Taner Sağır
In which Olympic games was the newly weight class of 82.5 kg to 90 kg  introduced in the middle-heavyweight division?1952 Helsinki Olympics
Who won the Bronze medal in the women's 75 kg weightlifting event in the 2000 Sydney Olympics?Meiyuan Ding

Try the Quiz : Olympic Quiz : Weightlifting

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