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Game of Hidden English Words : Colors


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Alan would love to have one moRE
Tim started toYELL OWing to the sudden pain in his stomach.yellow
The arrival of food provided a biG RAY of hope for the earthquake victims.gray
The oGRE ENtered the forest with a loud
The beautiful wings were specially made fOR
Caroline was shaping her eyeBROW Neatly.brown
Paul doesn't like to droP INK on his
AndreW HIT Eight boundaries in the cricket match.white
Can KevIN DIG On this patch of land please?indigo
SaVIO LET his sheep graze in the meadow.violet
The little lamB LACKed courage to fight the wild
Crusoe was MAROONed on an uninhabited island.maroon
The view from the mountain sPUR PLEased the tourists.purple

Try the Quiz : Game of Hidden English Words : Colors

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