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GMAT Essays : GMAT AWA / AWM Issue
Points AGAINST Essay Topic 1

GMAT Essays : AWA / AWM Analytical Writing "Analysis of Issue" Essay Topic


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Issue Topic 1. The degree of censorship for improper content and language in radio and television programs varies in different countries.

Discuss the extent to which the government and other bodies should be allowed to censor public media.

Points AGAINST (not in favour of) topic:


AGAINST Point 1.1. The argument that censorship of the potrayal of violence in the media will somehow reduce the incidence of violent crimes in society is ludicrous. The root cause of violence in society goes beyond violent potrayals in the media. The search for a solution to this problem must go beyond censorship initiatives. One might say that potrayals of violence in the media reflect a violent world.


AGAINST Point 1.2. Censorship inevitably compromises our freedom of expression. The government or any other body has no right to decide what content is 'good' or 'bad'. It is for each individual to decide for himself / herself, what content is appropriate.


AGAINST Point 1.3. Oppressive and tyrannical regimes suppress politically sensitive content using the pretext of censorship. Censorship could also be used as a propaganda tool. During times of war, governments have been known to censor the flow of information to hide the truth from the public.


Example 1.3. For example, a theocratic dictatorship might prevent political expression through the media and thus suppress resistance. In today's world, such examples are ubiquitous!


AGAINST Point 1.4. With the emergence of the internet, censorship has become almost impossible. The problem is compounded by the absence of a policing authority on the internet.


AGAINST Point 1.5. Censorship often prevents open debate about sensitive social and religious issues. For example : anti-semitism, homosexuality, polygamy.

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