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This GMAT Test Preparation section with its practice exercise tests will help students hone their verbal, analytical writing, and quantitative skills to maximize their score in the GMAT. A set of questions is randomly selected from a carefully prepared database for each practice exercise test. The Syvum GMAT test preparation set contains:

GMAT Verbal Ability     ---

Sentence Correction :    With Review and Strategies
Study confusing words and basic grammar.

GMAT Quantitative Ability     ---

Quantitative Test :   True test section format of computer-adaptive GMAT
True test section format with both problem solving and data sufficiency questions.

Problem Solving :   With Explanations and Clues
Choose the best answer from five choices given.

Data Sufficiency :    With Explanations and Clues
Indicate whether the data given in the two statements is sufficient to answer the question.

GMAT Math Review Index of Topics     ---

Arithmetic :    With Theory and Practice Test Exercises
Rapidly review arithmetic for GMAT Math

GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment AWA     ---

Analysis of Issue :    With Essays , Points , Reasons & Examples
Write an essay to discuss the extent to which you agree with (FOR Points)
or disagree with (AGAINST Points) the opinion stated in each Issue Topic below.

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Prepare for GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment-AWA Analysis of Issue

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Coming soon: Practice material on reading comprehension, and more on analytical writing, verbal and quantitative ability.

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