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Arithmetic : Fractions

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Equivalent Fractions


Fractions that represent the same ratio or value are equivalent or equal.
If the numerator and denominator of a fraction are multiplied or divided by the same nonzero number, the result is an equivalent fraction.
For example, consider the fraction 4/5. On multiplying 4 by 3 and 5 by 3, the result is 12/15. Thus, 4/5 and 12/15 are equivalent fractions.
As another example, consider the fraction 16/20. On dividing 16 by 4 and 20 by 4, the result is 4/5. Thus, 16/20 and 4/5 are equivalent fractions.
Note that 4 is a common factor of 16 and 20.


MUST-KNOW : Canceling (striking or crossing out) common factors does not change the value of the fraction but gives equivalent fractions that are simpler.


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