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The Tailor Division Activity


Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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A tailor stitches 2 shirts everyday. It takes him 6 hours to stitch a shirt. Each shirt uses 7 buttons and has two pockets. Each shirt costs the tailor $ 3 and he charges the customer $ 6 . 

1. How many pockets does the tailor stitch in 9 days?
Answer:    36 

2. How many shirts does the tailor stitch if he uses 77 buttons?
Answer:   11    

3. How many dollars does the tailor collect from his customers in 3 days?
Answer:   36

4. How many dollars does the tailor earn as profit in 4 days?
Answer:     24 

5. How many hours does the tailor work in 3 days?
Answer:   36 

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