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German Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Try the Quiz : German Vocabulary Word List and Game : FAMILY 2

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English - EnglischGerman - Deutsch
brother-in-law Schwager
daughter-in-law Schwiegertochter
father-in-law Schwiegervater
foster brother Pflegebruder
foster father Pflegevater
foster daughter Pflegetochter
foster mother Pflegemutter
foster parents Pflegeeltern
foster sister Pflegeschwester
foster son Pflegesohn
goddaughter Patenttochter
godfather Pate
godmother Patin
godson Patenkind
great-granddaughter großer Enkelin
great-grandfather große Großvater
great-grandmother große Großmutter
great-grandparents große Grosseltern
great-grandson großer Enkel
mother-in-law Schwiegermutter
parents-in-law Schwiegereltern
sister-in-law Schwägerin
son-in-law Schwiegersohn
stepbrother Stiefbruder
stepdaughter Stieftochter
stepfather Stiefvater
stepmother Stiefmutter
stepsister Stiefschwester
stepson Stiefsohn

Try the Quiz : German Vocabulary Word List and Game : FAMILY 2

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