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USA Map & USA States Quiz

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Try the Quiz : General Knowledge Quiz & World Geography : USA Map & USA States Quiz

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S1WashingtonThe capital of Washington (WA) is Olympia.
S2OregonThe capital of Oregon (OR) is Salem.
S3CaliforniaThe capital of California (CA) is Sacramento.
S4IdahoThe capital of Idaho (ID) is Boise.
S5NevadaThe capital of Nevada (NV) is Carson City.
S6MontanaThe capital of Montana (MT) is Helena.
S7WyomingThe capital of Wyoming (WY) is Cheyenne.
S8UtahThe capital of Utah (UT) is Salt Lake City.
S9ArizonaThe capital of Arizona (AZ) is Phoenix.
S10ColoradoThe capital of Colorado (CO) is Denver.
S11New MexicoThe capital of New Mexico (NM) is Santa Fe.
S12North DakotaThe capital of North Dakota (ND) is Bismarck.
S13South DakotaThe capital of South Dakota (SD) is Pierre.
S14NebraskaThe capital of Nebraska (NE) is Lincoln.
S15KansasThe capital of Kansas (KS) is Topeka.
S16OklahomaThe capital of Oklahoma (OK) is Oklahoma City.
S17TexasThe capital of Texas (TX) is Austin.
S18MinnesotaThe capital of Minnesota (MN) is St. Paul.
S19IowaThe capital of Iowa (IA) is Des Moines.
S20MissouriThe capital of Missouri (MO) is Jefferson City.
S21ArkansasThe capital of Arkansas (AR) is Little Rock.
S22LouisianaThe capital of Louisiana (LA) is Baton Rouge.
S23WisconsinThe capital of Wisconsin (WI) is Madison.
S24IllinoisThe capital of Illinois (IL) is Springfield.
S25TennesseeThe capital of Tennessee (TN) is Nashville.
S26MississippiThe capital of Mississippi (MS) is Jackson.
S27MichiganThe capital of Michigan (MI) is Lansing.
S28IndianaThe capital of Indiana (IN) is Indianapolis.
S29KentuckyThe capital of Kentucky (KY) is Frankfort.
S30AlabamaThe capital of Alabama (AL) is Montgomery.
S31OhioThe capital of Ohio (OH) is Columbus.
S32GeorgiaThe capital of Georgia (GA) is Atlanta.
S33FloridaThe capital of Florida (FL) is Tallahassee.
S34New YorkThe capital of New York (NY) is Albany.
S35PennsylvaniaThe capital of Pennsylvania (PA) is Harrisburg.
S36West VirginiaThe capital of West Virginia (WV) is Charleston.
S37VirginiaThe capital of Virginia (VA) is Richmond.
S38North CarolinaThe capital of North Carolina (NC) is Raleigh.
S39South CarolinaThe capital of South Carolina (SC) is Columbia.
S40MaineThe capital of Maine (ME) is Augusta.
S41VermontThe capital of Vermont (VT) is Montpelier.
S42New HampshireThe capital of New Hampshire (NH) is Concord.
S43MassachusettsThe capital of Massachusetts (MA) is Boston.
S44Rhode IslandThe capital of Rhode Island (RI) is Providence.
S45ConnecticutThe capital of Connecticut (CT) is Hartford.
S46New JerseyThe capital of New Jersey (NJ) is Trenton.
S47DelawareThe capital of Delaware (DE) is Dover.
S48MarylandThe capital of Maryland (MD) is Annapolis.

Try the Quiz : General Knowledge Quiz & World Geography : USA Map & USA States Quiz

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