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US Quiz : US State Capitals I

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Given the US STATE, identify the CAPITAL

1. Alabama
• Birmingham
• Montgomery
• Huntsville
• Mobile
Answer: Montgomery
The nickname for Alabama (AL) is Yellowhammer State.

2. Alaska
• Fairbanks
• Juneau
• Anchorage
• Seward
Answer: Juneau
The nickname for Alaska (AK) is The Last Frontier. It is also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. Alaska is the largest state in area but is the least populated. The US bought Alaska in 1867 from Russia for a little over 7 million dollars. Great deposits of oil and natural gas are today mined in Alaska.

3. Arizona
• Tucson
• Mesa
• Phoenix
• Tempe
Answer: Phoenix
The nickname for Arizona (AZ) is The Grand Canyon State. It is also known as Copper State.

4. Arkansas
• Little Rock
• Pine Bluff
• Russellville
• Fayetteville
Answer: Little Rock
The nickname for Arkansas (AR) is The Natural State.

5. California
• Los Angeles
• Sacramento
• San Francisco
• San Jose
Answer: Sacramento
The nickname for California (CA) is The Golden State.

6. Colorado
• Fort Collins
• Denver
• Colorado Springs
• Pueblo
Answer: Denver
The nickname for Colorado (CO) is Centennial State. It is also referred to as Colorful Colorado.

7. Connecticut
• Waterbury
• Stamford
• Bridgeport
• Hartford
Answer: Hartford
The nickname for Connecticut (CT) is Constitution State. It is also called Nutmeg State, Provisions State, or Land of Steady Habits.

8. Delaware
• Newark
• Wilmington
• Dover
• Salisbury
Answer: Dover
The nickname for Delaware (DE) is The First State. It is also called The Diamond State, Blue Hen State, or Small Wonder.

9. Florida
• Jacksonville
• Tallahassee
• Miami
• Tampa
Answer: Tallahassee
The nickname for Florida (FL) is Sunshine State.

10. Georgia
• Macon
• Atlanta
• Augusta
• Columbus
Answer: Atlanta
The nickname for Georgia (GA) is Peach State.

11. Hawaii
• Juneau
• Maui
• Honolulu
• Kauai
Answer: Honolulu
The nickname for Hawaii (HI) is Aloha State. Hawaii consists of a group of about 130 islands in the Pacific ocean. It is about 3360 km from the continental US and is the most recent state to be enlisted (in 1959). Hawaii is known for its volcanic activity.

12. Idaho
• Boise
• Idaho Falls
• Pocatello
• Rupert
Answer: Boise
The nickname for Idaho (ID) is Gem State. It is also called the Gem of the Mountains.

13. Illinois
• Chicago
• Springfield
• Peoria
• Des Plaines
Answer: Springfield
The nickname for Illinois (IL) is Prairie State.

14. Indiana
• Evansville
• Bloomington
• Indianapolis
• Ft. Wayne
Answer: Indianapolis
The nickname for Indiana (IN) is Hoosier State.

15. Iowa
• Des Moines
• Ames
• Davenport
• Cedar Rapids
Answer: Des Moines
The nickname for Iowa (IA) is Hawkeye State.

16. Kansas
• Kansas City
• Wichita
• Hutchinson
• Topeka
Answer: Topeka
The nickname for Kansas (KS) is Sunflower State.

17. Kentucky
• Frankfort
• Lexington
• Louisville
• St. Louis
Answer: Frankfort
The nickname for Kentucky (KY) is Bluegrass State.

18. Louisiana
• New Orleans
• Baton Rouge
• Monroe
• Shreveport
Answer: Baton Rouge
The nickname for Louisiana (LA) is Pelican State.

19. Maine
• Portland
• Augusta
• Belfast
• St. John
Answer: Augusta
The nickname for Maine (ME) is Pine Tree State. Maine is the northeastern most state of the US. It has an area of 86156 sq. km.

20. Maryland
• Baltimore
• College Park
• Wilmington
• Annapolis
Answer: Annapolis
The nickname for Maryland (MD) is Old Line State.

21. Massachusetts
• Boston
• Lowell
• Worcester
• Springfield
Answer: Boston
The nickname for Massachusetts (MA) is Bay State. It is also known as Old Colony State.

22. Michigan
• Lansing
• Ann Arbor
• Detroit
• Flint
Answer: Lansing
The nickname for Michigan (MI) is The Wolverine State. It is also called the Great Lakes State.

23. Minnesota
• Minneapolis
• St. Paul
• Stillwater
• Fargo
Answer: St. Paul
The nickname for Minnesota (MN) is North Star State. It is also known as Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

24. Mississippi
• Jackson
• Brookhaven
• Meridian
• Canton
Answer: Jackson
The nickname for Mississippi (MS) is Magnolia State.

25. Missouri
• St. Louis
• Springfield
• Jefferson City
• St. Joseph
Answer: Jefferson City
The nickname for Missouri (MO) is Show Me State.

26. Montana
• Billings
• Butte
• Helena
• Great Falls
Answer: Helena
The nickname for Montana (MT) is Treasure State.

27. Nebraska
• Omaha
• Lincoln
• Nebraska City
• Sioux City
Answer: Lincoln
The nickname for Nebraska (NE) is Cornhusker State.

28. Nevada
• Carson City
• Las Vegas
• Reno
• Tonopah
Answer: Carson City
The nickname for Nevada (NV) is Silver State. It is also known as Sage State or Sagebrush State.

29. New Hampshire
• Concord
• Mancester
• Nashua
• Lawrence
Answer: Concord
The nickname for New Hampshire (NH) is The Granite State.

30. New Jersey
• Newark
• Jersey City
• Trenton
• Paterson
Answer: Trenton
The nickname for New Jersey (NJ) is Garden State.

31. New Mexico
• Albuquerque
• Los Alamos
• Santa Fe
• Farmington
Answer: Santa Fe
The nickname for New Mexico (NM) is Land of Enchantment.

32. New York
• New York
• Troy
• Albany
• Rochester
Answer: Albany
The nickname for New York (NY) is Empire State.

33. North Carolina
• Greensboro
• Raleigh
• Durham
• Charlotte
Answer: Raleigh
The nickname for North Carolina (NC) is Old North State.

34. North Dakota
• Valley City
• Bismarck
• Jamestown
• Minot
Answer: Bismarck
The nickname for North Dakota (ND) is Peace Garden State. It is also known as Flickertail State or Roughrider State.

35. Ohio
• Cincinnati
• Columbus
• Dayton
• Toledo
Answer: Columbus
The nickname for Ohio (OH) is Buckeye State.

36. Oklahoma
• Oklahoma City
• Lawton
• Tulsa
• Fort Smith
Answer: Oklahoma City
The nickname for Oklahoma (OK) is The Sooner State.

37. Oregon
• Salem
• Portland
• Eugene
• Corvallis
Answer: Salem
The nickname for Oregon (OR) is Beaver State.

38. Pennsylvania
• Pittsburgh
• Philadelphia
• Allentown
• Harrisburg
Answer: Harrisburg
The nickname for Pennsylvania (PA) is Keystone State.

39. Rhode Island
• Hartford
• New Bedford
• New Haven
• Providence
Answer: Providence
The nickname for Rhode Island (RI) is Ocean State. It is also known as Plantation State. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US with an area of 3139 sq. km.

40. South Carolina
• Savannah
• Columbia
• Charlotte
• Columbus
Answer: Columbia
The nickname for South Carolina (SC) is Palmetto State,

41. South Dakota
• Huron
• Rapid City
• Pierre
• Mitchell
Answer: Pierre
The nickname for South Dakota (SD) is Mount Rushmore State.

42. Tennessee
• Nashville
• Knoxville
• Memphis
• Chattanooga
Answer: Nashville
The nickname for Tennessee (TN) is The Volunteer State. It is also known as Big Bend State, Hog and Hominy State, or The Mother of Southwestern Statesmen.

43. Texas
• Houston
• Dallas
• Fort Worth
• Austin
Answer: Austin
The nickname for Texas (TX) is Lone Star State.

44. Utah
• Ogden
• Salt Lake City
• Cedar City
• Provo
Answer: Salt Lake City
The nickname for Utah (UT) is Beehive State.

45. Vermont
• Saratoga Springs
• Montpelier
• Burlington
• Augusta
Answer: Montpelier
The nickname for Vermont (VT) is Green Mountain State.

46. Virginia
• Portsmouth
• Richmond
• Charlottesville
• Newport
Answer: Richmond
The nickname for Virginia (VA) is Old Dominion State. It is also known as Mother State.

47. Washington
• Tacoma
• Seattle
• Spokane
• Olympia
Answer: Olympia
The nickname for Washington (WA) is The Evergreen State.

48. West Virginia
• Charlottesville
• Wheeling
• Morgantown
• Charleston
Answer: Charleston
The nickname for West Virginia (WV) is Mountain State.

49. Wisconsin
• Madison
• Milwaukee
• Racine
• Green Bay
Answer: Madison
The nickname for Wisconsion (WI) is Badger State.

50. Wyoming
• Rock Springs
• Cheyenne
• Casper
• Jackson
Answer: Cheyenne
The nickname for Wyoming (WY) is Equality State. Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming.

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