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Nippittu Nippittu

Rice and Black Gram Chips

Nippittu Nippittu

A crispy mouth-watering snack from Karnataka.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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Serves: 4 
Style: South Indian Vegetarian (Karnataka)

2  cup(s) rice
4  tablespoons split husked black gram (urad dal)
2  tablespoon(s) butter
1  tablespoon(s) cumin seeds
8  curry leaves
1  tablespoon(s) cashewnut pieces
1  tablespoon(s) peanuts split
2  tablespoon(s) grated coconut
salt to taste
water enough to make a soft dough
oil for deep frying

  1. Wash the rice and spread it on a piece of cloth. Wait till it dries completely. Dry grind it to a fine powder. Dry roast the split husked black gram on low flame stirring continuously till it is medium brown in color and gives a good roasted aroma. Cool and dry grind to a fine powder.
  2. Mix the rice flour, split husked black gram flour, cumin seeds, curry leaves, cashewnut bits, peanuts, grated coconut, butter and salt well. Add water little at a time to prepare a soft and elastic dough. Knead well. Make small portions of the dough and flatten each portion with the hand. Press evenly to make a round shape of the size of a potato chip. Prepare such chips with the entire dough and make batches.
  3. Heat the oil to a smoking point for deep frying in a pan. Drop in the first batch of chips carefully in the oil. Reduce the heat and fry on a low flame stirring continuously till the chips turn crisp and golden brown in color. Drain on a paper towel. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the batches. Let it cool. The crispy chips (Nippittu) can now be stored in an air tight container and enjoyed when you wish even over a week's time.

Serve with: hot tea / coffee

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