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Lemon Ginger

Savory Gramflour Cakes
(Khaman Dhokla)

Green Chilli Lemon

Gramflour (also called besan in India) mixed with yoghurt and spices to make a thick batter. The batter is steamed and seasoned with mustard and sesame seeds. Dhoklas are served garnished with chopped fresh coriander and grated coconut.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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Serves: 4 
Cooking time (approx.):  minutes
Style: Gujarati

2  cup(s) Bengalgram flour (besan)
1  cup(s) yoghurt beaten till smooth
1  cup(s) warm water
salt to taste
1  teaspoon(s) green chilly paste
1  teaspoon(s) ginger paste
½  teaspoon(s) turmeric powder
1  teaspoon(s) oil
1  teaspoon(s) soda bi-carbonate
1  tablespoon(s) lemon juice
2  tablespoons oil for seasoning
1  teaspoon(s) each of mustard and sesame seeds
grated coconut and finely chopped coriander leaves to garnish

  1. Place the gramflour in a bowl. Mix in the beaten yoghurt and warm water. Keep mixing well so that no lumps remain and the batter is smooth. Mix in salt to taste and keep aside for about 4 hours to ferment.
  2. Once fermented, mix in the green chilly paste, ginger paste and turmeric powder. Adjust the seasoning as per taste. Boil water in the steamer. Grease a metal dish (thali) or something like a cake mould.
  3. In a small bowl mix the oil, soda-bicarbonate and the lemon juice. Stir it into the gramflour batter and mix. Pour the batter immediately into the greased dish ( do not fill it to the brim as it will rise) and place it in the hot steamer. Steam for about 11  minutes or till done and a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into it. Once it has cooled, cut into squares and place in a serving dish.
  4. Heat the oil for seasoning in a pan. Toss in the mustard seeds and fry till they splutter. Add the sesame seeds and fry briefly till they are light brown and aromatic. Pour this over the steamed dhoklas.


  • Bengalgram flour is also known as chickpea flour
  • Green chillies can be increased or decreased as per taste.
  • It is very important that all preparations be done and kept ready before the step 3. The ingredients in step 3 have to be mixed in just before placing the batter in the steamer.
  • The dhoklas can be steamed in two batches in which case the ingredients to be mixed into the batter in step 3 should be divided into half and mixed into each batch just before steaming.
  • A pich of asafoetida powder can be sprinkled into the seasoning in the last step if desired.

Serve hot garnished with: grated coconut and coriander leaves Green Chutney (Hari Chutney) and or tomato sauce.

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