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Cottage Cheese Spinach

Spinach with Cottage Cheese
(Palak Paneer)

Spinach Cottage Cheese

Fresh spinach leaves blanched, pureed and then cooked with spices, deep fried cottage cheese cubes and cream.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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Serves: 4 
Cooking time (approx.):  minutes
Style: North Indian Vegetarian

600  grams (about 24  oz.) tender spinach washed
2  green chillies chopped
2  cup(s) cottage cheese cubes
2  tablespoon(s) ghee (clarified butter) / butter / oil
1  teaspoon(s) cumin seeds
1  tablespoon(s) finely chopped garlic
1  tablespoon(s) finely chopped ginger
salt to taste
1  tablespoon(s) lemon juice
2  tablespoon(s) cream
lots of finely chopped fresh coriander to garnish

  1. Blanch the spinach in lots of boiling salted water for about 3 minutes. Refresh in chilled water. Squeeze out excess water gently and blend to a fine paste with the green chillies.
  2. Deep fry the cottage cheese cubes in moderately hot oil till light golden in color. Drain on absorbent paper.
  3. Heat the clarified butter / oil in a heavy-based pan. Add the cumin seeds and let them crackle. Add the garlic and ginger. Fry briefly till the raw smell goes away.
  4. Add the chopped spinach puree, salt and mix well. Add water if required to get a gravy of desired consistency and bring to a boil. Add the deep fried cottage cheese cubes and stir to mix gently. Mix in the lemon juice. Simmer for about 4  minutes. Put off the heat and mix in the cream.
    Garnish with chopped fresh coriander.


  • Deep fried cottage cheese cubes can be soaked in some warm water to which lemon juice and salt are added. This will keep them extra soft and prevent them from hardening.
  • The cottage cheese cubes can be added without frying. However, avoid stirring often as they crumble.
  • Do not overcook spinach for a bright green colored gravy.

Serve hot with: white rice or Indian bread (Roti, Chapati, Pooris).

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