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Chicken Ginger

Ginger Chicken Soup
(Tom Kha Kai)

Galangal Mushrooms

Chicken and mushrooms simmered in coconut milk and flavored with ginger.

Thai Recipes

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Serves: 4 
Cooking time (approx.):  minutes

300  gram(s) boneless chicken (kai) cubes
1  cup(s) mushrooms (hed) sliced
2  cups(s) coconut milk
2  tablespoon(s) shredded ginger (khing)
2  teaspoon(s) lemon grass (takhrai) chopped
2  tablespoon(s) young galangal (kha on) sliced
4  tablespoons galangal (kha) sliced
4  fresh red chillies (prik khi nu daeng) chopped
2  tablespoon(s) fish sauce (nam pla)
4  tablespoons lemon (manao)juice
1  teaspoon(s) chilli oil
1  tablespoon(s) coriander leaves (pak chi)
salt to taste

  1. Pour the coconut milk in a pan and heat for about 2  minute(s).
  2. Add chicken, mushrooms, ginger, lemon grass, galangal, young galangal, red chillies, lemon juice and fish sauce. Mix well. Boil on medium level for about 6  minutes and put off the flame.
    Serve hot topped with chilli oil and coriander leaves.

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