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Galangal Thai Yellow Chilly

Yellow Curry Paste
(Nam Prik Kaeng Karee)

Thai Yellow Chilly Ginger

A yellow curry paste used to make the famous Thai yellow curry.

Thai Recipes

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  (Range: 1-10 cups)

Paste obtained: about 1 cup(s) (approx. 250  ml)
8  fresh yellow or small dried red chillies (pri khi nu karee or prik khi nu daeng haeng)
2  teaspoon(s) cumin seeds roasted
2  tablespoon(s) coriander seeds roasted
1  cup(s) chopped shallots roasted
1  tablespoon(s) chopped garlic (kratiem)
1  tablespoon(s) chopped ginger (khing)
2  tablespoon(s) curry powder
1  tablespoon(s) galangal (kha) chopped
2  tablespoon(s) lemon grass (takhrai) chopped
1  tablespoon(s) shrimp paste (kapi)
1  tablespoon(s) fish sauce (nam pla)
turmeric (khamin) powder just enough for color

  1. If using dried red chillies, deseed them and soak in hot water for 15 minutes.
  2. Blend all the ingredients to a fine paste.
  3. Refrigerate or freeze and use as required.

TIP: To avoid thawing the whole quantity at once, freezing could be done in small packs required for one use each.

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