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Biblical Names and their Meaning A-B

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Given the MEANING, identify the BIBLICAL NAME

1. seeker of justice

Answer: Aaron

2. servant of God

Answer: Abdiel

3. God my father

Answer: Abiel

4. father of peace

Answer: Abishalom

5. father of salvation

Answer: Abishua

6. father of goodness

Answer: Abitub

7. father of praise

Answer: Abiud

8. father of light

Answer: Abner

9. father of a great multitude

Answer: Abraham

10. earthy or red

Answer: Adam

11. strength of the sea

Answer: Adoraim

12. one who causes great pain at his birth

Answer: Agrippa

13. brother of wine

Answer: Ahian

14. brother of strength

Answer: Ahisamach

15. brother of goodness

Answer: Ahitub

16. God is king
Answer: Alammelech
17. the people of God
Answer: Ammiel
18. a strong man
Answer: Andrew
19. one who answers

Answer: Annas
20. a master of horses
Answer: Archippus
21. the beatitude of God
Answer: Asareel
22. happiness
Answer: Asher
23. a son that suspends the waters
Answer: Bartholomew
24. son of the honorable
Answer: Bartimeus
25. who is blessed
Answer: Baruch

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