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Biblical Names and their Meaning B-H

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Given the BIBLICAL NAME, identify the MEANING

1. Benaiah

Answer: son of the Lord

2. Caiphas

Answer: he that seeks with diligence

3. Cain

Answer: possession or possessed

4. Daniel

Answer: God my judge

5. Dan
Answer: he that judges

6. Darius

Answer: kind man

7. David
Answer: beloved or dear

8. Ebed

Answer: a laborer

9. Elidad

Answer: beloved of God

10. Eliphal

Answer: a miracle of God

11. Elisha

Answer: salvation of God

12. Elishua

Answer: God is my salvation

13. Elnathan

Answer: the gift of God

14. Eluzai

Answer: the warrior of God

15. Emmanuel

Answer: God with us

16. Ephraim
Answer: fruitful

17. Ethan
Answer: the gift of the island

18. Ezekiel
Answer: the strength of God

19. Felix
Answer: happy or prosperous

20. Gabriel
Answer: God is my strength

21. Habakkuk
Answer: he that embraces

22. Hachaliah
Answer: who waits for the Lord

23. Hanniel
Answer: mercy of Lord

24. Hazaiah
Answer: seeing the Lord

25. Herod
Answer: son of a hero

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