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Biblical Names and their Meaning H-M

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Given the BIBLICAL NAME, identify the MEANING

1. Hilkiah

Answer: God is my protection

2. Hosea

Answer: savior

3. Irijah

Answer: the fear of the Lord

4. Ishmael
Answer: God that hears

5. Ishmaiah
Answer: obeying the Lord

6. Jaasiel

Answer: God's work

7. Jacob
Answer: the heel

8. Japhlet

Answer: banished

9. Jareb

Answer: a revenger

10. Jason

Answer: he that cures

11. Jediael

Answer: knowledge of God

12. Jeremiah

Answer: exaltation of Jehovah

13. Jeriel

Answer: vision of God

14. Job

Answer: he that weeps

15. Joel

Answer: he that commands

16. Jose
Answer: who pardons

17. Joshua
Answer: a deliverer

18. Lazarus
Answer: assistance of God

19. Luke
Answer: luminous

20. Luz
Answer: separation

21. Lysanias
Answer: that drives away sorrow

22. Malachi
Answer: my angel

23. Marcus
Answer: polite

24. Matthew
Answer: gift of God

25. Mehetabel
Answer: how good is God

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