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Biblical Names and their Meaning M-Z

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Given the MEANING, identify the BIBLICAL NAME

1. king of justice

Answer: Melchizedek

2. abode of the good

Answer: Memphis

3. child of the Lord

Answer: Neariah

4. vow of the Lord
Answer: Nedabiah
5. victory of the people
Answer: Nicodemus
6. small

Answer: Paul

7. redemption of the Lord
Answer: Pedaiah
8. the sea

Answer: Pontus

9. compassion

Answer: Raham

10. medicine of God

Answer: Rephael

11. behold a son

Answer: Ruben

12. of the sun
Answer: Samson

13. heard by God

Answer: Samuel

14. renown

Answer: Shem

15. he that obeys

Answer: Simon

16. goodness of the Lord
Answer: Tebaliah
17. a twin

Answer: Thomas
18. honorable
Answer: Timeus
19. pleasing

Answer: Titus
20. desiring God

Answer: Uel
21. the Lord has remembered

Answer: Zachariah
22. ambush of the mouth

Answer: Zarephath
23. belonging to all

Answer: Zaza
24. the Lord is my portion
Answer: Zebadiah
25. the Lord is my justice
Answer: Zedekiah

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