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The book of Leviticus consists of 27 chapters.
The word 'Leviticus' is derived from a Greek word meaning 'relating to the Levites'.
The book of Leviticus is the third book in the Old Testament and comes after the book of Exodus.
Leviticus 1:1 - 'And Jehovah called unto Moses, and spake unto him out of the tent of meeting, saying,'
The book of Leviticus describes the priestly rituals and rules for the conduct of the Jewish people.
The name of God is Jehovah in the book of Leviticus.
Gods speaks with Moses in the Tent of Meeting (Leviticus 1:1).
According to the book of Leviticus, oil should be put on a grain offering (Leviticus 2:1).
Uziel was the father of Mishael and Elzaphan (Leviticus 10:4).
Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu offered an unauthorized fire before the Lord and were consumed by fire (Leviticus 10:1-2).
According to the book of Leviticus, a man who marries his brother's wife will be childless (Leviticus 20:21).
A woman is unclean for seven days after having a baby boy according to book of Leviticus (Leviticus 12:2).
A woman who is a wizard should be put to death according to the Book of Leviticus (Leviticus 20:27).
Aaron was told to tend the lamps outside the Tent of Meeting from evening till morning (Leviticus 24:1-4).
Mount Sinai is mentioned in the last verse in the book of Leviticus (Leviticus 27:34).

Try the Quiz : Book of Leviticus - Quiz

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