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 The Story of Samson  samson_lion

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The questions are based on the King James version of the Bible.

1. _______ was Samson's father.
Answer: Manoah

2. Samson is attacked by a _______ when he goes to ask a Philistine woman's hand in marriage.
Answer: lion

3. On his way to the wedding, Samson notices that bees have nested in the carcass of the lion and have made _______.
Answer: honey

4. At his wedding feast, Samson asks the thirty groomsmen a _______.
Answer: riddle

5. Samson promises to give _______ pieces of fine linen and garments to the groomsmen.
Answer: thirty

6. Samson kills thirty Philistines of _______ for their garments.
Answer: Ashkelon

7. Samson attaches torches to the tails of three hundred _______.
Answer: foxes

8. Samson hides himself from the Philistines in a cave in the rock of _______.
Answer: Etam

9. Samson kills one thousand Philistines using the _______ of an ass.
Answer: jawbone

10. Samson falls in love with a woman Delilah, at the Brook of _______.
Answer: Sorek

11. The Philistines promise Delilah 1,100 _______ coins to find the secret of Samson's strength.
Answer: silver

12. Samson loses his _______ after the Philistines cut his hair.
Answer: strength

13. Samson is blinded by the Philistines after he reveals the secret of his strength to _______.
Answer: Delilah

14. Samson is brought to Gaza and put to work grinding _______.
Answer: grain

15. Samson destroys the temple of Dagon by pulling down the central _______.
Answer: pillars

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