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 The Story of Samson  samson_lion

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Manoah was Samson's father.
Samson is attacked by a lion when he goes to ask a Philistine woman's hand in marriage.
On his way to the wedding, Samson notices that bees have nested in the carcass of the lion and have made honey.
At his wedding feast, Samson asks the thirty groomsmen a riddle.
Samson promises to give thirty pieces of fine linen and garments to the groomsmen.
Samson kills thirty Philistines of Ashkelon for their garments.
Samson attaches torches to the tails of three hundred foxes.
Samson hides himself from the Philistines in a cave in the rock of Etam.
Samson kills one thousand Philistines using the jawbone of an ass.
Samson falls in love with a woman Delilah, at the Brook of Sorek.
The Philistines promise Delilah 1,100 silver coins to find the secret of Samson's strength.
Samson loses his strength after the Philistines cut his hair.
Samson is blinded by the Philistines after he reveals the secret of his strength to Delilah.
Samson is brought to Gaza and put to work grinding grain.
Samson destroys the temple of Dagon by pulling down the central pillars.

Try the Quiz : The Story of Samson

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